Emergency Nursing

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Part 1: Introduction to emergency nursing

introduction to emergency department nursing

psychological Factors in the emergency department

issues in the emergency department

Triage concept and format

Part 2: Nursing care of selected emergencies

Airway problems – coma- a respiratory emergency

Congestive heart failure, pulmonary edema pr pulmonary embolus

An upper respiratory infection, croup or epiglottitis

Angina, myocardial infraction or cardiogenic shock

Cardiopulmonary arrest-cardiac dysrhyhmias

Thrombus, embolus, hypertensive crisisor cerebrovascular accident

Abdominal pain – epigastric pain – minor wounds and bites – orthopedic trauma

Facial trauma – a burn injury – head and spine trauma

Hypovolemic ahock, septic shock or disseminated intravascular coagulopathy

Chest trauma – abdominaltrauma- multiple trauma- the pediatric patient

An overdose or poisoning – drug or alcohol dependency

A psychiatric emergency – heat disorders and cold disorders

Obstetrical and genycological problems

Part 3: Emergency nursing and community resources

Disaster planning

Evolving trends in emergency nursing


-3 Books Included

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