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Our Heritage and Ongoing Commitment

With a rich history dating back from the 1985, our wide-ranging publishing house contains encyclopedias, books and products for readers of all ages at every stage of life. Beyond the books and encyclopedias we publish, Nobilis International is a cultural institution dedicated to helping our communities. We aspire to construct a more equal, diverse, and sustainable society through our campaigns, partnerships, and internal activities.



“I’ve been buying encyclopedias from Nobilis from as far as I can remember. They are one of a kind classy finishing and packaging, their diverse subjects for all ages and preferences, their easy paying methods, and their punctuality with delivering all over Lebanon; makes them the best publishing house in the country. Can’t but recommend Nobilis for anyone looking for buying books and encyclopedias.”

Lama Rizkalla

“Nous sommes persuadés que la qualité doit être notre plus importante priorité et celà ne peut être accomplit que si une attitude positive est stimulée dans l’environnement de travail.
Nous sommes toujours à la reception des commentaries de nos clients puisue nous sommes convaincu que cet etat de communication est le clé du progress et de la perfection.
Egalemet, nous croyons aussi que nos clients sont notre plus grande atouts, puisque notre reputation depend de leur loyauté et de leur confiance.”

Nabil Azoury

دار نوبليس مساعدي في كل شيء , كل أنواع الكتب والموسوعات لجميع الأعمار وكل الفئات. من الموسوعات الصحية الى الموسوعات الأدبية الى التاريخية الى السياسية وفي مختلف اللغات. الأسعار جداً مناسبة وطريقة الدفع سهلة جداً والتوصيل سريع ومجاني. أنصح به الجميع

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